Sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of all possible acute and chronic sports injuries, both on a recreational and professional level. Exercise therapy is central to this. When the rehabilitation has been successfully completed, the athlete can also contact us for possible performance improvement, including through the supervision of strength training. The technical aspects of strength training are mainly emphasized here.

Manuel physiotherapy

All our physiotherapists are recognized as manual therapists. The patient is treated by means of various techniques such as osteo-articular techniques (including dry needling, mobilizations and manipulations), muscular and fascial therapy and neurogenic techniques.

Injury prevention

Great importance is attached to the prevention of sports injuries. By means of a thorough screening and analysis of sport-specific risk factors, a treatment plan is drawn up to reduce the risk of injury as much as possible.

Post-operative physiotherapy

Physiotherapy after traumatic / orthopedic surgery is another specialization that is practiced in Powermove, both for athletes and non-athletes. Common injuries are anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus tears, knee and hip prostheses, cartilage injuries, fractures of lower and upper limbs, ankle sprains, etc…

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