Our small group training sessions are a very accessible way to do strength training under professional guidance. These workouts are suitable for both men and women, for people without experience as well as with experience in strength sports. Because we work in small groups in our very well-equipped practice, personal coaching of a high level can still be offered.

We offer quality guidance in small groups of a maximum of 7 participants per lesson, in order to optimally guide everyone.

These training sessions take place on Sundays when the practice is empty and the trainers can thus focus on a professional follow-up and guidance of all participants.

We offer different classes, namely; CORE, CIRCUIT and GLUTES.

Our CORE training mainly focuses on training the back and abdominal muscles.

The CIRCUIT training is a circuit training for both upper and lower body.

The GLUTES training is mainly aimed at training the glutes in an intensive way.

If you want to register, send us an email or via Instagram, because the places are limited.


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